Vinyl Siding

566The best value for any homeowner is maintenance free peace of mind.  Vinyl siding is a restoration project that will outlast the initial investment cost and provide a greater return if you’re planning to sell.  Why pay a painter thousands of dollars every 3-5 years, or have to break out the brushes and ladders to do it yourself…?

Our expert installers have knowledge in every aspect of vinyl siding from prep work to finish trim.  We customize each job to fit your home, striving to preserve as much architectural integrity as possible.  We don’t just “cover up” what’s there.  At HIGHPOINT RESTORATION LLC  we will be glad to assist you in any way possible with design conception and color selection.

We use quality products from suppliers such as:  Northeast Distributors /  Harvey Building Products /  M & J Supply Co. /  ABC Supply Co. 

If vinyl siding is just one phase of your overall exterior restoration project, we recommend that you prioritize these phases accordingly:

*{best case scenario is that windows be installed at the same time as the vinyl siding}

We service the entire Rhode Island region.

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